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MYWAY Welcome all aspirants / professionals! Trading Forex is new or not for you, MYWAY programs helps beginners/professionals to learn, how to trade more effectively, earn more profits and live a better life.

MYWAY offers wide range of financial Market training programs to make aspirants more successful. Workshops, Events, Experts Speak makes all students highly motivated to become successful and prepare them for their own boss.

MYWAY offers short terms, Long terms and professional programs to students/professionals across the world with professional experience, study materials, trading techniques & instruments.

MYWAY committed to offer best in "Financial Education". MYWAY training courses are geared towards individual investors or traders, novice or experienced, who wants to learn how to use the same tools and professional trading techniques as the professional traders on the Wall Street.

These courses offer a complete education and training experience focusing on trading fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management and highly-developed skills for execution of any trading instrument.



So Let’s Start with MYWAY loss protected learn while earn programs on MYWAY online/Offline education platform.




Indian National Share Market are of two types, Stock & MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange). Stock Market has two Stock Trading Associations NSE & BSE which are 12th Largest in the world as per records on 2016. In Indian Trade Market Street, different kind of trading being in practice by professionals such as stocks, Commodity and Mutual Funds. MCX is an independent commodity exchange based in India. It was established in 2003 and is based in Mumbai. It is India's largest commodity futures exchange where the clearance and settlements of the exchange happens. MXC offers futures trading in bullion, non- ferrous metals, energy, and a number of agricultural commodities (Mentha Oil, Cardamom, Crude Palm Oil, Cotton and other). To Trade and earn profit, MYWAY introduces, trading programs for Indian National Market traders.
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  • Programme Code: Stock Market Course duration: 30 Days,

    What is Stock Market ? Trading and Techniques, Here’s a complete program for you. Register now by clicking register button.

    Course Outline

    » Introduction – Stock Market
    » How to enter in Stock Market?
    » How to trade in Stock Market?
    » How to earn profit from Stock Market?
    » Trading Techniques

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  • Programme Code: Commodity Market Course duration: 30 Days,

    What is Commodity Market ? How’s it is different than general stock market? Techniques of commodity market trading, Strategies points and many more…

    Course Outline

    » Indian Commodity Exchange.
    » Commodity v/s Stock Market.
    » List of Commodities.
    » How to trade in Commodities?
    » How to enter in Commodity Market?
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  • Programme Code: Mutual Funds Course duration: 30 Days,

    What is Mutual Funds? How’s Mutual Funds invested in different stocks, bonds? What is short term, long term investment and many more?

    Course Outline

    » Introduction – Mutual Funds
    » History of Mutual Funds
    » Types of Mutual Funds Schemes
    » Steps before investing in Mutual Funds
    » How to invest in Mutual Funds?
    » Financial Planning
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In Globalization of markets, International Markets has different concept than National Market. In International market, investment of funds as Forex. To understand Forex, Forex Trading, Forex Trends, Forex Techniques, Trading Theories, Trading Charts, Conversion etc. MYWAY has introduced programs of beginners to High level.
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  • Programme Code: Beginners Course Course duration: 30 Days,

    What is Forex? Forex Market? Forex Trading and techniques? Here’s a course for beginners.

    Course Outline

    » Introduction – Forex
    » Why trade Forex?
    » Who trades Forex?
    » When can you trade Forex?
    » How do you trade Forex?
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  • Programme Code: Elementary Course Course duration: 45 Days,

    Knowledge is key for Forex trading, After Beginners course, elementary course introduced for those who are looking for technical analysis of trends, valuation etc. Here’s a course for technical analysis.

    Course Outline

    » Analysis Types
    » Charts Types
    » Trend Analysis
    » Right Entry – Right Exit Concepts & Techniques
    » Resistance and Support
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  • Programme Code: Middle Course Course duration: 60 Days,

    Middle Level course specially designed to get knowledge of properly use trend charts, valuation charts, spot patterns and pivot points.

    Course Outline

    » Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
    » Charts Types
    » Pivot Patterns
    » Introduction – Moving Averages
    » 36 Golden Rules of Market Analysis
    » 40 Golden Rules of Profit Making
    » Difference between Trading and Gambling
    » Introduction of Trading Software’s:
        •  How to Order New Software?
        •  GTD Order
        •  GTC Order
        •  Trailing Stoploss
        •  How to book profit?
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  • Programme Code: High School Course Course duration: 90 Days,

    In High School Course, next level of knowledge delivered to understand different Forex theories like Elliott Wave theory, Harmonic Price Patterns, Conversion, risk management and many more.

    Course Outline

    » Elliott Wave Theory
    » Harmonic Price Patterns
    » Rate of Change (ROC)
    » Average Tour Range (ATR)
    » Divergence and Conversion
    » Option Strategies
    » Correlation of Currency
    » Budget Statement Monthly
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